Give me a call,, if you are in the Monroe / Wayne County area I will come to your work and get your car for you. You can come out of work later that day to a freshly cleaned car!!!

Exterior Services

Wash & Wax is for cars that have been maintained or recently detailed. Not to remove bonded contaminants such as caked on brake dust, sap, tar, and over spray. If your vehicle has not been maintained it will require a detail instead.

Wash & Wax

Starting @ $75

(1-2 months protection)

Clean wheel faces, tires & wheel wells

2 bucket or rinse less wash

Bug & Tar removal

Soft towel & spray wax dry

Wipe door jambs

Ext. windows w/rain repellent

Dress wheel wells, tires & trim


~Level 1~ 

(Paint Enhancement) 

Starting @ $150

(3 months protection)

Wash w/no spray wax
Wheel barrels (if accessible)

Iron Decontamination
Clay decontamination

De-grease door jambs

One-step machine polish w/sealant

Chrome polished


~Level 2~ 

(Paint Correction) 

Starting @ $250

(3-5 months protection)

Level 1 plus

Machine polish

Polish oils remover

Spray sealant or wax


~Level 3~  

Starting @ $350

(up to 6 moths protection)

Level 2 plus

Multi-step Paint Correction

Glass polished

Wipe on sealant or hand wax

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~Level 4~
Starting @ $450

(up to 2 years protection)
Level 3 plus

Paint & wheel coating


Headlight restoration

$40 - $100 per

Engine clean & dress

$50 - $150

Wheels clean & coat

$100 - $300

The owner of this 2003 Ford Thunderbird received a Level 2 Detail and added  paint and convertible top coating. This shows the hydrophobic properties you can expect for up to 2 years with a paint coating.
This shows the hydrophobic properties of the same T-bird after we treated his top. This should be reapplied about once a year on a daily driven vehicle.
This shows a Level 1 paint correction on a 2005 Toyota Corolla.
This is an example of typical results from our Level 2 paint correction to a 2004 Honda Civic. The paint was in pretty bad shape.