Give me a call,, if you are in the Monroe / Wayne County area I will come to your work and get your car for you. You can come out of work later that day to a freshly cleaned car!!!

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At Don's Auto Detailing you will notice a difference right away, I take pride in my work. I don't compromise my quality for quantity or speed. I can do it all from a simple wash to full show car multi step paint correction. 

***All work is by appointment only. Please call / text / email me.***

Seeing the final results and your reaction brings me great joy. I use professional quality products, tools, and techniques. I will not up sell you to something that you don't want or your vehicle doesn't need, I will take the time to explain and recommend things to you, let you decide what works for you and your budget. I will also give you suggestions for  maintaining that just detailed finish if you choose. I want an informed customer not just an ATM. I will be happy to discuss your vehicle cleaning and protection needs.

Thank you for this opportunity

About me:

I am a proud father of a beautiful, smart daughter who helps me detail when she can.

I served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps special operations airborne with 2D ANGLICO, and I work full time as a mechanic at a local brewery.

I've been detailing cars for friends and family since 1996. I have continually improved my product choices, knowledge, and techniques. Finally in 2012 I decided to bring my passion to others. I don't do production work, I take my time and do it right using high quality products. Please allow me to serve you and show you what I can do for your vehicle.


Don Johnson


FAQ about car care:

What is the difference between a wash and a detail? In my opinion the difference is simple. A wash is just that, soap on a wash media and dried, a detail includes everything a wash does and adds paint correction of some sort. 

What is clay decontamination? Clay is self explanatory, we use a special type of clay or a pad/mitt with a clay type material bonded to it that are made to be rubbed on the paint with some form of lubrication to prevent damage. Rubbing clay over the paint removes any above surface contaminants from the paint before polishing.

Whats the difference between wax, sealant, and a coating? Basically the main difference between a wax and a sealant is who made it. A wax is natural and sealant is man-made, a sealant can typically outlast natural wax . A coating is something similar to a sealant that bonds or cures to the paint after application and acts as a sort of clear coat, it is much more permanent and can last up to 2 years.

What is the difference between paint enhancement and paint correction?  Generally a paint enhancement restores gloss and will remove very light swirls making the paint look much better than before but the correction (scratch & swirl removal) will be minimal 50-60% improvement. Paint correction will remove deeper scratches and more swirling usually 70-80% improvement. Multi step corrections are to get the paint as close to perfect without wet sanding, usually 80-90% improvement.


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